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What Happened to the Saints?

In truth, we all know what happened. Drew Brees retired. Then the next year Sean Payton retired (only to end up in Denver after a year on T.V.). Then, the experimentation began. James Winston and Andy Dalton at quarterback. Both turned out to be average at best.

Enter Dennis Allen as head coach, with retired Pete Carmichael as offensive coordinator. Dennis Allen was a serviceable defensive coordinator for the Saints. But we now know for sure why he was unsuccessful as a head coach with the Raiders. And Pete Carmichael? Please. I can often tell what play the Saints will run by the formation and personnel package. And if I can tell, don't you think that the team on the opposite side of the field can tell?

The trend with successful teams in the NFL is hiring young offensive coordinators to be the head coach. We have seen enough. It's time to swallow the bitter pill and start over with fresh offensive minds running the team.


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