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Just Say No

As a young boy growing up in DeQuincy, my grandmother was my rock, I could always count on her to point me in the right direction. When she told me to do this or not do that, she was always correct. Except once. And even then, at the time, she told me that she was probably right. But things change.

The bit of advice in question is when I was a young boy and she told me to always trust the police. Don’t get me wrong, I had several close friends who are police officers. Stand up guys who I would always trust and believe.

But, just like doctors and lawyers, and Indian chiefs, we should be cautious about any group that we blindly give our trust to. An excellent example is if you have been pulled over during a traffic stop and the officer wants to search your car. When he sees that you are reluctant, he either

1) Tells you if you don’t give permission, he will get a warrant

2) That he will bring the drug dogs and they will tear up your car or

3) He just goes ahead and searches without your permission

Any of the above 3 situations can be challenged in court by way of a Motion to Suppress. However, once you give permission to search, anything illegal that he finds in your car will be used to arrest you. Suppose a friend left some narcotics in your car without your knowledge. If the police find the drugs in your car, you are going to be arrested.

So, when the police ask for permission to search your car, “Just Say No.”


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