Repeat Offenders

Under Louisiana Criminal Law, many statutes are set up to where each subsequent offense carries a more sever penalty. For example, first and second offense operating while intoxicated (drunk driving) are misdemeanors with a maximum jail sentence of 6 months. Third offense is a felony, with a prison sentence of 1-5 years. Fourth and subsequent offenses are felonies with a prison sentence of 10-30 years. Similarly, first and second offense simple possession of marijuana are misdemeanors. Third and subsequent offenses are felonies. Other examples of crimes that carry enhanced penalties are theft or domestic abuse, as well as numerous other types of crimes. Simply put, each time a person commits

Make Your Vote Count

In the year 2020, there will be an election for several judges, and the district attorney in the 15th Judicial District. (Lafayette, Vermilion, and Acadia Parishes). Even though the election is two years away, it is not too early to start deciding who you will support in these races. For those people who find themselves facing charges in criminal court, these judges and the district attorney will be the elected officials who affect your life and your freedom. If you have any questions concerning which candidate is the most fair and reasonable, do not hesitate to contact me. Make your vote count.

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