A Different Twist on "Just Say No"

For many of us, we have been hearing all our lives that we should “Just say no” to drugs. I totally agree with that sentiment and there is another time to “Just say no”, when the police stop you for drunk driving. Say no to answering their questions, say no to the field sobriety test, and if you have had more than two drinks, “Just say no” to blowing in the breath test machine.

Should you give the police permission to search your house or car?

Frequently, when a person is being arrested, the police will ask for permission to search (either the house or car, depending on where the arrest takes place). The police will usually say that if you do not give them permission to search, they will just obtain a search warrant and search anyway. In truth, before a judge will sign a search warrant, the police have to convince the Judge that there is probable cause for the search. Just because an officer tells you that he will obtain a search warrant does not mean that he will be able to convince a Judge to sign the warrant. As a general rule, my suggestion is to never agree to allow the police to search your house or car. Make them get a sear

Drunk Driving – To Blow or Not Blow? That is the question

When a person is stopped for drunk driving he or she will always have to decide whether to submit to the breath test. If you refuse the breath test, your drivers license will be suspended as a result of your refusal. If you blow and your reading is .08 or above, it is legal proof of your guilt. So how much does it take to get to a .08? Every person is different. However, after handling drunk driving cases since 1976, I have never has a client who has had at least three drinks in an evening and blew under .08. So that should be a good guideline if you ever have to decide whether to blow or not blow.

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