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Is This The Year That The Pelicans Fulfill Their Potential?

For the past few years, the management/sales department of the Pelicans has been promising the season ticket-buying base that the time had come for the Pels to finally head up to the promised land. It started with the Anthony Davis trade. And then the drafting of Zion Williamson. But a combination of poor coaching (Alvin Gentry and Stan Van Fundy come to mind), and untimely injuries have derailed the hopes of the fan base year after year.

But hope springs eternal. Even with Jose Alvarado, Troy Murphy, and Najee Marshall not yet fully recovered from nagging injuries, the Pelicans started the season fielding a team that looks strong. These guys are good. Getting to the second or third round of the playoffs good.

And Willie Green has convinced me that he can coach, So -- drum roll please -- I am predicting that if B.I., C.J., and Zion can play 60+ games together (thereby avoiding the senior's injury bug), I am predicting that the Pelicans will make a deep run into the playoffs this year.

May the basketball Gods be with us.

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