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Temps and Tops

In 1983, attorney Jim Roy had a terrific idea. He, together with friends, would form a private club, for the purpose of having a huge party every year. The party would be very similar to a Mardi Gras Ball, but it would take the place in October and would feature bands from the sixties, playing their original hits. It would be called the Cricket Club.

The idea was an overwhelming success. At some point, Jim decided it would be a good idea to enlist the aid of someone experienced in promoting concerts. I’m not sure who, maybe it was Judge Mike Sullivan, who suggested that Jim contact me about promoting the shows. Jim and I were law school classmates and casual friends, although we had never really socialized much. So, when he approached me about handling the booking of the acts, I was thrilled to come on board.

We realized it was important to make a big splash the first year. Many of the groups that we discussed were too expensive. Other groups were simply unavailable.

With a combination of working long hours and a little luck, we were able to book the Temptations and the Four Tops. Each band would perform individually. Then they would finish the show on the stage together.

To say that the show was incredible would be a huge understatement. That first year was the springboard for eight incredible years. I was lucky enough to book the talent for six of those years.


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