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Pretrial Intervention – Part 2

Pretrial intervention, also known as Pretrial Diversion, might be offered to a person who has recently been charged with a crime. The program is put on by court District Attorney Offices.

What is required of a person to successfully complete a pretrial intervention program? The exact requirement of the program, in large part are up to the District Attorney’s Offices that is putting on the program. For that reason, the requirements may vary to some extent from parish to parish.

In most cases, the defendant will be required to pay a non-refundable up-front fee. Also, they will have to attend classes designed to help them not continue to commit crimes. There may be a period of home incarceration, with electronic monitoring. Also, there may be a treatment component if indicated. Once the program is completed, there is generally a 5-year delay before the arrest can be expunged.

The Judge's gavel and block used in a courtroom.


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