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First Time in Court

Shortly after graduating from LSU Law School, I was lucky enough to be hired as an associate attorney to be working for a tremendous lawyer named Joseph Korey. One day he told me to go to court for the arraignment of a certain client, and have the client plead “not guilty.”

It was a simple enough task, but this was to be my first court appearance and I admit to being more than just a little bit nervous. To make matters worse, the judge was Kaliste Saloom, Jr, (current Judge Doug Saloom’s father), and Judge Saloom had the reputation of being fussy.

The client was called before the judge, and we plead “not guilty.” For just a moment, I breathe a sigh of relief. Everything had gone well. Then, Judge Kaliste Saloom said, “Mr. Ashy, will you approach the bench?”

My momentary relief was quickly replaced by extreme anxiety. Had I done something wrong? Was I about to get chewed out on my first time in court?

Imagine my surprise when Judge Saloom called me to the side and said, “Warren, I’m going to Las Vegas next week to see your daddy, and I’ve lost his home phone number. Can you give it to me?”

Totally relieved, I handed the judge one of my father’s business cards from Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, which had both his home and work numbers on it. In retrospect, I think I just about ran out of court before the judge had a chance to change his mind and fuss at me.


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