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Experience Matters

Suppose that you have been arrested and charged with committing a serious crime. Does it really matter if you hire an attorney with as little as five- or ten years’ experience or if you hire an attorney with over forty (40) years of handling complicated criminal cases? Or maybe, you should let your friend or cousin handle your serious criminal charge, even though he has only been practicing law for a few years and his practice consists of handling real estate loan closings.

Isn’t it obvious that it is a much better idea to hire an attorney who has been practicing criminal defense law longer than the assistant district attorney prosecuting your case and longer than the judge presiding over your case? During the forty-plus years that I have been handling criminal defense cases, I have represented people who have been charged with virtually every type of case that exists. You will never have to worry about me “learning” on your case. I have done it before, many times.


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