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Determination Prevails

Deciding late to go to Law School, it turned out that the LSAT would only be given once more before the deadline to apply for admission to go to LSU Law School. Naturally, I applied for that last test, which was to be given in Baton Rouge.

On that winter day in 1973, as fate (and my luck) would have it, the day before the test a snow and ice storm hit South Louisiana, closing the interstate to Baton Rouge. The “old” way to Baton Rouge was still open, going through Opelousas and Krotz Springs to get to Baton Rouge. (However, the bridge in Krotz Springs was shut down).

The plan that I hatched to get to Baton Rouge for the test the next day was simple. And somewhat bizarre.

I would have my friends at USL (ULL) take me to Krotz Springs. Friends going to LSU would drive to Krotz Springs and wait for me on the other side of the bridge. Once in Krotz Springs, I would walk over the bridge.

The trip from Lafayette to Baton Rouge ordinarily took one hour. With the frozen roadway, that day it took over eight hours. But thanks to my good friends who brought me and picked me up, I made it in time for the test.

With a pounding headache and virtually no sleep, I knew that I had not done great on the test. However, when the results came in several weeks later, I found out that I had done just good enough to be accepted to LSU Law School.


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