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Upcoming Elections

Everyone knows that the Presidential election is coming up in the first week of November I can honestly say that in my lifetime, I have never experienced an election that has divided our country as much as this one.

As important as it is on a national level, there are also area elections coming up that are of great importance. In fact, there are too many elections to address them all, so I have decided to express my opinion about one judicial election of particular importance.

When Lori Landry stepped down from her judicial seat in the 16th J.D.C. in order to run for District Attorney, it left a vacancy for judge, that needed to be filled in that ‘minority’ district, with very short notice.

While each of the three candidates for judge has his or her supporters, one candidate stands out to me as outstanding. That candidate is Roger Hamilton, Jr.

First meeting Mr. Hamilton when he as an Assistant District Attorney in New Iberia, his reputation as a determined and effective prosecutor proceeded him. Somewhat apprehensive prior to our initial meeting, I found Mr. Hamilton to be a firm but fair prosecutor. He has remained consistent in our dealings through the years.

It is my considered opinion that Roger Hamilton, Jr. will be an excellent judge. He will be the kind of judge that the people of south Louisiana deserve.

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