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Corona Virus

A woman protecting herself from the virus known as "COVID" or "Coronavirus."

When I first heard of the corona virus, around February of this year, I had no idea of how serious of a health crisis that we were in for. Probably, very few people realized what we were in for. Now, over half a year later, anyone who is not concerned is just not paying attention.

As an older American, I am particularly concerned, because I have five of the major risk factors: over sixty years old, overweight, high blood pressure, history of heart disease and history of kidney disease. But make no mistake, young people contract the virus and die. Healthy people contract the virus and die.

We all pray for an effective vaccine to be developed and to be available soon. Until that time, take precautions. Exercise vigorous hand washing, avoid crowds, and most importantly, wear a mask when in public.

There have been people who have tried to convince us that wearing a mask is not important. Again, these people are either ignorant or lying. I am unable to understand what their agendas could possibly be. But the facts are simple. At this point in time, the most effective deterrent to the deadly corona virus is to wear a mask.

So, do not be fooled. Wear your mask. Wear it as if your life depended on it.

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