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Probation Revocation

Frequently, when a client is charged with a serious crime, the prosecutor has enough evidence to obtain a conviction on the charges. In those cases, it is often in the client’s best interest to work out a plea bargain. In these types of situations, many times it is the goal to have the client placed on probation, rather than to receive a jail sentence.

Along with probation, and a suspended jail sentence the client will receive conditions of probation. These conditions might include community service, rehabilitation classes, restitution, drug screens, or various other things.

It is critical that clients take their probation seriously and successfully complete their conditions of probation, If the clients fail to complete the conditions appropriately, they are subject to have their probation revoked by the Judge after a hearing. Once probation is revoked, the client could potentially have their original suspended sentence reinstituted and to have to serve the time in jail.

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